How plinqit works.

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Plinqit Overview


How does Plinqit work?

Plinqit is a smart little savings tool, made for Millennials, by Millennials, enabling you to:

  1. Securely link your Plinqit account to your financial  institution (bank or credit union) account.
  2. Set a savings goal in Plinqit.
  3. Have Plinqit help you set aside a small amount of money regularly.
  4. Earn money by using Plinqit to reach your goal.

Is my financial information secure?

Absolutely. Data security is our top priority at Plinqit. We work tirelessly with our partners in the financial security field so that you can focus on your savings goals. All Plinqit apps and web pages use industry leading RSA 256-bit encryption technologies. So your stuff is as safe as can be.

These bank-level security protocols ensure that your data is safe.


Are there any fees for using Plinqit?

Using Plinqit is absolutely free. There are no service or usage fees with Plinqit.* Just use, and enjoy. You may choose to elect a ‘break the safe’ penalty to discourage early withdrawal, however this is optional and not required to use Plinqit.

*Normal data and usage rates may apply.


What do I need to use Plinqit?

A U.S. Checking Account

Funding Options


What can I use to fund my Plinqit savings?

A U.S Checking Account owned by you.


Can I use my credit card to fund Plinqit?

No, we do not believe in using credit to fund savings.


Can I use my debit card to fund Plinqit?

Not at this time. Right now you can transfer to Plinqit from your US checking account.


Why can’t I use a savings account to fund Plinqit?

Savings accounts have a maximum of 6 or less transactions per month. Plinqit may make up to 20 transfers per month, which means you would be out of compliance with your savings account and may incur a penalty from the holding financial institution.


Can I change my funding account during a goal?

No, because we do the minimal identity verification possible to get you started quickly, we cannot allow you to change your funding account in the midst of a goal program for compliance reasons.

If you need to change your funding account, please withdrawal your funds, end your goal and start a new one with the new funding account.

Account Maintenance


What if I have forgotten my password?

Utilize the Forgot Password? Link below the login boxes.


How do I change my password?

Within the application use the slide out menu bar and select account settings. Select the pencil icon by password and fill in the current and new password fields.


Can I change my login information?

Yes, with verification you can change your login information.  You can do this under the Account Settings section found on the slide out menu within the app.

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